“Every piece of art hides a little story”


The love for art, the fun of art, looking at unique art that triggers emotion led to the foundation of Artfolly. For years, Marjolein and Carlijn have visited art fairs all over the world, they endlessly browsed art on the internet and found great undiscovered and talented artists.

Marjolein is a lawyer by profession, art lover by nature. When her office slowly turned into a gallery she realised it was time to do something with the skill of sourcing beautiful unique art.

Carlijn is the commercial thinker with a creative visual mind. Aesthetic is her way of life. Always travelling the world, she comes across hidden gems and invites artists to join our story of Artfolly.


Artfolly sources boutique style and limited edition art. We select work from artists from all over the world who have a creative and professional eye to make inspiring photographic art. We only sell works from artists in limited and exclusive editions.

When you buy art from Artfolly you are assured you have bought something unique and authentic. Aside from the enjoyment of the artwork on your wall, it also has the potential to be worth more and more over time. You have not just bought something great but you also have made a good investment.

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others”

-Salvador Dali-