You Run You Die
You Run You Die
You Run You Die

You Run You Die

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About You Run You Die - Lioness: Focussing moment
There they were, 15 lions lying in the grass. The whole Selinda pride, waiting for the sun to set and the air to cool down. We were with two vehicles. K and H in the one, me in the other vehicle. About 500 meters away was the nearest water, the first place for the lions to go to, once they would become active.

We positioned ourselves halfway along the route, about 50 meters opposite each other, hoping that the whole family would walk between us to the water. From underneath the car you can photograph the lions at eye level, to get the most intensive and realistic images.

There they came. The curious little ones surrounded the opposite car. The mothers came my way. You can read how it ended in the book You Run You Die, written in Dutch. As K and I later said to each other, it was a focussing moment, but the mission was successful.

The Selinda Reserve, Okavango delta, Botswana - 2015

About Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom
You only live twice - After spending too many years in the corporate world selling things to people that nobody really needed, Willem started his second chapter in life, capturing things that not everybody will be able to see. He sold his car to buy a camera and left his house to live in a tent in the African bush. Willem has become a wildlife photographer pur sang. Over the last 10 years he has been living in Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and Chad, to maximize his time among lions and elephants.