One Meal A Day (Trilogy)
One Meal A Day (Trilogy)

One Meal A Day (Trilogy)

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Edition: 25 
Finish: Fine art paper on dibond 

The artworks in this Trilogy are also separately sold; different print techniques and framing available. Please contact us at

About One Meal A Day (Trilogy)
Cameroon, Meme, Diamare.

One Meal a Day I
A bowl of fish bones, all that remains of a meal. These small, brittle, dried fish have almost no meat on their bones but are used to season bland staple food, such as boiled maize. One small plastic bag, from Meme market, containing about seven fish costs about 200 CFA (GBP 0.27p).

One Meal a Day II
A peanut that will be ground into an oily paste, left to dry in the midday sun and used as a flavouring for bland food. Women grind and mix the peanuts with their bare hands often making enough to last them a whole year. A small bag of peanuts costs 25 CFA (GBP 0.03p) from Meme market.

One Meal a Day III
An old sardine tin that siblings Aichadou, 6, and Ibrahim, 4, found in a rubbish dump and now play with as part of their pretend kitchen. However, eating sardines is now a distant memory for the children. At the IDP camp where they are now living they survive on just one meal a day.

About Chris de Bode
Chris is a documentary and portrait photographer / filmdirector. He became interested in photography during his previous career as a professional climbing instructor. Following a trip to Palestine he decided to focus his work on humanitarian issues. He travelled to more than 70 countries collecting stories.

Chris always tries to find different angles to visualize a story. Examples of this approach are his story on cycling races and the "No Way Home" project among many others. He received recognition from Stephen Mayes calling the Exodus from Libya collage in an Aperture publication "...remarkably innovative seen in a print context..."

Currently he is capturing the dreams of children worldwide and focuses on Syrian Refugee issues. One latest project is a documentary movie Chris directed on children collecting scrap in Jordan. All of this commissioned by Save the Children NL.

Chris is not only working abroad and is, when at home, available for assignments in The Netherlands.

Chris is commissioned by several NGO's like Save the Children, Aids Fonds/Stop Aids Now, MSF, Greenpeace, VSO, CARE, Oxfam and Cordaid. Also several UN branches like UNFPA, UNHCR and WHO worked with him. He has broad experience in mentoring workshops in several countries educating photographers on all levels focusing on story telling in pictures.