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Edition: 20
Finish: Fine art paper on dibond in black floater frame

About Nadia

Nadia came in from of Hélène's camera during her gap year as an au pair from Out Africa. Her purity grabbed the camera and a it became a free work photoshoot with very extravert as well as introvert work. This photo is an introvert and pure shot from this serie. 

About Helene Wiesenhaan
18 maart 1971

Helene Wiesenhaan is a Dutch photographer, based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. She is autodidact. Since she was 6 years old she knew she wanted to become a photographer. At the age of 16 she bought her first ‘real’ camera and just started to photograph streetlife and interesting people.

After her study she started to work as a photographer for one of Hollands biggest Publishing Companies VNU/ Sanoma Media. Since then she worked for many well-known Dutch Magazines. Her work covers many areas, including reports, fashion, sports and portraits. She loves to step in the different worlds that we live in and tell the stories by photo’s. In 2013 she was part of the Dutch  ‘Alive” Exhibition during Photoville New York with one of her freework photo’s ‘The Morning After’. In 2016 she published her book Capacity, about paralympic athletes preparing for RIO2016. In 2018 she won the third prize at the ‘Zilveren Camera 2017’ with the portrait of Sanele Xaba.

Ambition: “I want to create the great pictures that pop up in my thoughts & dreams. Live & create!"