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Edition: 20
Finish: Fine art paper with perspex front (matte finish)

About Maiskraaien
"The work has been done and it's time for corn soup. She is persuaded to sit down to the set kitche table in the field. Unfortunately this idea is not sufficient to take away her boredome"

Maiskraaien is part of a series in the cornfield. The idea behind this picture is the urge to break through an isolation. The elements brought to front are estrangement, isolation and tradition.

About Saskia Kerkhoff

From the day she can remember Saskia is a visual thinker who goes through life like a analytic happy child. She amazes herself about the diversity of people and their habits. Through these observations she creates new ideas. 

Before she chose the camera Saskia always wanted to paint her ideas onto canvas. During her studies at the Free Academy in The Hague she followed the autonomous art of painting direction. After 3 years she got on contact with a photographer who inspired her to use the camera for image research. She fell in love with the camera and Saskia decided to change her creative direction and attended the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. This is where she learned to autonomously shape her concepts and ideas.