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Edition: 30
Finish: Available in white, bronze, silver and gold.

Different print techniques and framing available, please contact us at info@artfolly.nl

About Hope
Hope" is a concept Lalu created to visualize how firm and strong a beautiful woman holds her loyalty, her love and her feelings. It is about a beautiful hope at the end of the journey of love life. He created this concept based on his own life experience, about beautiful women who always live in his heart.

About Lalu Syaukani
"If I have a problem, I paint and it goes away" says Lalu Syaukani. He is inspired by his personal feelings and experiences in life: everything that permeate his thoughts, by all the good things about "love", my love for my parents, social issues, sensitivity towards his environment, the Lombok culture and humanity. 

Laly Syaukani was born and bred in Lombok, as were his parents before him. He decided to become an artist when he was very young. His desire to become an artist was very strong but his parents wanted something different for Lalu. They wanted him to become a lawyer or a civil servant but his artistic mind was too strong and he enrolled into fine arts.