Gravity #02
Gravity #02

Gravity #02

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Edition: 25 (+ 2 AP)
Finish: Diasec® finish with handmade floater frame in walnut

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About Gravity #02
Casso, Italy, 2016. In 2015, Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe started a collaboration with Calimata/à. An ongoing art project in the Italian Dolomite Mountains. A group of artists is exploring the effect of the Vajont landslide that took place in 1963. The Vajont landslide is one of the biggest landslides ever recorded and was triggered by man.

This artwork is, to support the Calamita/à project, also available as a loose print in size 20x30cm.

About Zuijderwijk Vergouwe
Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe, Daan Zuijderwijk (1974) & Maaike Vergouwe (1978) both studied photography at AKV St. Joost in Breda.

In their work Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe research the relationship between man and nature. They are fascinated by nature in all its diversity, but also by the human concept of nature. They find their subjects where these two elements come together and use photography to examine this relationship. To research and visualize this human concept of nature, they created a technical palette which they can add to the landscape. All the manipulations and installations are created on the spot and not in post production.

Right now, Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe are traveling through Europe with their 3 daughters and 2 dogs in their tiny house on wheels. They are exploring a life closer to nature while working on the ‘European encounters’ series.

In 2016 the Dutch Mondriaan Fund granted them with the stipendium for "Established artist".