Floating in the Dark
Floating in the Dark

Floating in the Dark

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Edition: 30
Finish: Fine art paper on dibond 

About Floating in the Dark
A serene moment when the darkness sets in, breathless under water gives the most tranquil times.

About Pepe Arcos
Pepe Arcos is an award winning multitalented shooter that explores this underwater domain, holding breath for minutes at a time to capture unique images of ethereal calm. A talented individual who dodge even greater odds to document aspects of the underwater world that even the fastest scuba diver will fail to capture.

Although he grew up around the Mediterranean and has always had a strong affinity for the ocean, Pepe Arcos has only recently been making a name for himself as an underwater photographer and filmmaker. His professional journey began in graphic design and visual communication, and it was only after a decade running his own design studio that he was inspired to bring together his love of freediving and passion for creativity. Now dedicating his time solely to photography and filmmaking, he is still guided by the power of design, as he describes it, to “understand beauty and balance".