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Edition: 25
Finish: Baryte paper in black floater frame

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About Emptynest
The Netherlands, 2011. The dead blackbird in this photograph fell out of its nest and is eaten by insects. With dramatic use of light and shadows this picture has become unreal. Smoke seems to be circling around the dead bird, which has become a photographic icon.

About Kees Hageman
Kees Hageman is a versatile photographer and operates with his camera throughout the world. Through the years he has shown extreme intensity for all his subjects. He first established his name as a high profile fashion photographer, but soon focussed on art photography in the field of nature, interiors, architecture,people and food.

Kees Hageman gained international fame with his “mouth watering” culinary photos. His approach is that of one who really enjoys life and this can be seen in his fine food images. He is a master in capturing the beauty of life and has an extensive and highly varied collection of photo art.