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Edition: 20
Finish: Baryte art paper on dibond 

About Deep
Deep, let it go. Go deep, Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.

About Emilie Houben
Emilie Houben is a talented art photographer who finds beauty in the ordinary. She aims to take the viewer on a journey to take time and see the beauty which never extends to far from ourselves. Her slogan ‘Find beauty in everything’ is the foundation of her work.
With her keen eye for detail, her creativity and her passion, she tries to capture the beauty of life and its perfect imperfections by putting a spotlight on the ordinary. Old buildings, walls, shades and shapes, the flow of lines and the intensity of colours, with her work Emilie shows us almost anything can be the subject for an inspiring picture.
During her stay in Singapore for many years, Emilie’s unique vision for art has not gone unnoticed. For her contribution in the art world in Asia she has been well acknowledged. Emilie has many clients such as international companies, hotels and private customers. Now she exhibits her work in The Netherlands. 
Every artwork has an eye for detail and is finished to perfection.

All artworks are produced in limited editions.