You Run You Die
You Run You Die

You Run You Die

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About You Run You Die - Mushimani Nkwe
‘Nkwe’ means leopard in Setswana, ‘mushimani’ is young or small. Years ago, the mother of this young male leopard has chosen the area around our camp as her territory. Maybe it was the location at the edge of the lagoon where much of her ‘food' comes to drink or perhaps it was us, a handful of people and some activity, which makes it unattractive to her biggest enemy, lions. A good place to raise her children.

A year and a half ago, mother leopard full of pride, walked the paths through our camp with her newborn son. It has come to the point that he has to find his own way, outside of her area.

More often than we realize "mushimani nkwe" comes to visit us again. He then lies on the large branch above the kitchen, looking out over the water. Sometimes I catch him sleeping on the dock, in the shadow of the stairs to the boat. And now and then he surprises me on my shortcut through the dense forest to the garage.

Zarafa camp, Okavango delta, Botswana

About Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom
You only live twice - After spending too many years in the corporate world selling things to people that nobody really needed, Willem started his second chapter in life, capturing things that not everybody will be able to see. He sold his car to buy a camera and left his house to live in a tent in the African bush. Willem has become a wildlife photographer pur sang. Over the last 10 years he has been living in Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and Chad, to maximize his time among lions and elephants.