Butt Crack
Butt Crack

Butt Crack

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The wrinkled skin of an elephant can weigh as much as 2.000 pounds. It lacks moisture so it must be loose, especially around the joints to provide the necessary flexibility for motion. The wrinkles help to retain moist, keeping the skin in good condition. Despite it’s rough and dry appearance it is delicate and soft to the tough, like an eraser. It can be as thick as 3 to 4 cm on the back, but behind the ears, eyes, the mouth, chest and shoulders it is a thin as paper. Elephants need a thick skin to hold together the inner pressure of their body mass. Like tissue paper will be fine to hold 1 kg of bread, but you’ll need way stronger wrapping paper if you are carrying 20 kg. Despite of its thickness, the sensitive system of an elephant’s skin will notice a fly landing on it.
Zakouma National Park, Chad

About Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom
You only live twice - After spending too many years in the corporate world selling things to people that nobody really needed, Willem started his second chapter in life, capturing things that not everybody will be able to see. He sold his car to buy a camera and left his house to live in a tent in the African bush. Willem has become a wildlife photographer pur sang. Over the last 10 years he has been living in Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and Chad, to maximize his time among lions and elephants